Flower moon


I resolved to paint every full moon of 2018, and most of the nights have been cloudy, or stormy, or both. Last night thunder raged through the sky, and I had to cuddle my little three-year-old and sing “I hear thunder” over and over to help her understand that it wasn’t anything to be scared of. 

The full moon in May is called the “flower Moon” for obvious reasons. Right now the climbing roses are in full foison, and the lavender is about to bust into purple, heady scent. The garden is reaching for it’s peak, and I’m trying to savour the moment every day. Literally, stop to smell the roses.

Can you stop for a minute today to savour the wonders of the season? We’re doing it by cutting flowers to bring inside, jumping in post-storm rain puddles, and running through the sprinkler when it’s sunny and hot.