One step at a time


We are slowly reentering our routines. The washing machine is humming in the kitchen directly below my studio. I’ve hung clean laundry on the drying rack in a sunny patch of our garden for the first time this year. Is summer really on it’s way? My hands cradle a warm cup of coffee and my pens and pencils are spread in an array of rainbows across my desk.


This seems like such a serene moment. But, in reality I have three children’s books to finish before the beginning of June, and I’m not sure how I’m going to do it, considering life’s constantly complicated balancing act.

So, I’m focusing on the first steps instead of the whole journey. I’m making edits to my sketches that are due next week. I’m creating a shopping list for art supplies (I’ll need a lot of paper, and fresh pens). And I’m writing lists upon lists: some are realistic and achievable, and some are super-optimistic and coated with fairy-dust. I’m hoping I can achieve the first, and if I’m lucky, a little fairy dust might land on me, and I’ll be able to achieve the second, too!

In this moment: hanging laundry, sipping coffee, making lists, and modifying sketches.


What are you up to?

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