Easter moon and pink mountains


Hello Friends! I’m back in the studio and remembering our three-week trip to South Africa fondly. I had intended to post daily drawings of our holiday in Cape Town and Johannesburg, but when we arrived and started to relax, I honestly had no inclination to draw. That’s ok isn’t it? I left my sketchbooks, pencils and paints unpacked in my suitcase, and I never looked at them once.

Here are two little memories before I resume my usual studio hours in London. I loved waking up to the rose dawn light painting the reverse side of Table Mountain pink. It was the view from our bedroom window, and I couldn’t wait to draw the blinds to see the new colours each day. (Even if it was at 5am, with our little one’s early wake-ups).

And, in my quest to paint all the full-moons of 2018, here is the Easter moon, as seen from the wing tip of our flight from Johannesburg back to London.

Now my lists are made, my schedules are drawn up, and deadlines are fast approaching. I can’t wait to get started on it all. Plus, I’ll be hosting another giveaway next week, so stay tuned!