Weekly Drawings: Week 8

{This picture expresses everything...}

This was the first week when, no matter now much I wanted to, I couldn't keep up with my resolution to draw every day.  

You know what? That's ok.  

I'll start again tonight, and keep going with my 365 drawing resolution. If, by the end of the year, there are 350 (or less) instead of 365, it doesn't really matter.  What matters is that the resolution gives me a reason to sharpen my pencils and open my ink pots.  

So here are 4 drawings for this week. That's still over half the days, so I think I'll consider it a success. (After all, the most important thing is that we're gentle with ourselves...)

I take all the photos with my iphone4 (geriatric, I know), and the pictures always look so crisp and light on my phone screen, but when I upload them here they appear blurry and dark.  I wonder why? 

And... we're off to the Austrian Alps tomorrow!  I'm sure my sketchbook will be filled with mountains and skiers/snowboarders. 

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