{Happy Valentines, belatedly!}

Reading //

 I've just started the unabridged journals of Sylvia Plath. So far, she is struggling through her studies at Smith and having various rocky relationships with boys.  All the entries are written in her clear, strong, eloquent voice.  

Watching //

Rubbish reality TV, which makes me feel terribly guilty. By the time 5pm rolls around, I'm exhausted and out of ways to keep Little M entertained.  So, we plonk down on the couch together and watch Dinner Date and the Real Housewives (of wherever...). 

Thinking about //

What do do for Lent. One year I started to keep a gratitude journal, and wrote down 5 things I was thankful for each evening.  I'm thinking of doing that again this year, only hopefully I'll persevere for all 40 days this time! 

Anticipating //

Our trip to Austria, and my first ever time in the Alps in winter. I won't ski, as I'm not in that frame of mind, but I'll sit by the fire, drink hot chocolate, and enjoy the scenery. 

Grateful for //

The fluffy duvet that I'm curled under right now. There's nothing better than high quality bedding.  (And also, all your wonderfully insightful and supportive comments recently.  I haven't gotten a chance to respond to all of you, but your kind words mean so much to me.)

Noticing //

 That I am writing a lot of lists.  Supplies to pack for the trip.  Things to buy in our next grocery order.  Ways to make life easier.  Lists have the power to solve all problems. 

Working on //

Writing a story for my own enjoyment.  This one has no deadline, and as of yet, no readers.  It's so wonderful to steal an hour (during naptime) and escape into this fantastical, imaginary world.  Maybe someday it will be finished. Maybe.

Knowing //

That somehow, everything will be ok. 

What are you up to currently?