Valentines printables! and new daily routines

{PDF printable Valentine available



Today is a quiet day.  The snow is muffling the busy sounds of the city. All I can hear are the bewildered birds chirping on the pollarded trunks of the plane tree across the street. 

Baby is sleeping too, for which I am very grateful. 

A few years ago I remember reading a book (touted by Oprah) called Simple Steps. The basic premise was one would add 4 new habits each week, for several weeks (say 12, maybe).  I remember two of the habits for the first week were drinking water and cleaning out one drawer or cupboard. This book has stuck in my mind, because I feel like I need to make similar small, daily/weekly/monthly steps towards building a new healthy routine. 

Despite all my searching, I can't find that book anywhere now. It's almost like I imagined it, and it never existed at all. (It had a daisy on the cover, so if you know of it, please let me know where to find a copy!)

This week my simple steps are: drinking water, doing yoga (or a few ballet barre exercises) each morning, drawing each day and posting the sketches to instagram and facebook, and making a to-do list each evening (which I try to adhere to the next day).  

What are your small daily routines that keep you sane and on track? 

On my list today was to write a blog post... 

So here we go...

February is the month of love, and I thought I'd share these valentines printables I designed a year ago.  

I'd love to design a few more printables to post in my etsy shop this year. What types of things would you like? A few ideas I had were: perpetual calendars, recipe cards, party invites, thank-you cards, gift tags....

do any of you fabulous readers have any other suggestions?

{PDF valentine available