Are you Happy Right Now?

How happy are you right now? In this moment?

Take a deep breath.  Close your eyes.  Then open them and look around.  Really take it all in.

Are you reading this on your laptop, sitting on your couch and sipping a cup of something? Or are you hunched over your cell phone on a bus, shoulders supporting your head (and all your worries)?

There are times when we feel like we have things more or less figured out: we have a daily routine, we're content, and we feel like we can handle whatever life throws us.  Other times life can feel difficult, overwhelming and confusing.

In those moments, do you know what really makes you happy? When it comes to an awareness about the little, specific things that bring a smile to our faces and contentment to our hearts we often draw a blank.

Can you list a few things that trigger a feeling of delight in your daily life?

I'll be honest: life right now has knocked me sideways. (Some of you may have already figured that out by reading between the lines).  Motherhood, as amazing as it is, is a huge adjustment, and I've never been one to enjoy change. I feel like I've forgotten what makes me happy in the storm of trying to cope with day to day challenges.

So, I've decided to approach life with the spirit of a detective to figure out what's missing.  It's difficult to experience happiness when we're not able to savour small moments or be aware of our surroundings.

We need to curate the happiness in our lives like a museum director.

So, in this quest I've discovered that I love:

Keeping a journal

Shoes  (this surprised me, as I'm not much of a fashionista)

Sipping a glass of wine after dinner

Flowers on my coffee table (currently I have a blushing sunrise of roses and tulips)

Red polish on my toenails

Drawing, anything, every day (watch my facebook or instagram to keep up with those)

Reading  (Books, blogs, magazines....)

Living in London

Poetry (my local library doesn't even have one poetry book aside from Shakespeare... so I need to go on a hunt)


Ballet (watching; dancing)

Yoga (I now do my sun salutations with Little M watching with amusement in her bouncy chair)



Snow  (it snowed in London this week!)

Beautiful artwork hanging on our walls  (we're starting to collect South African artists)

Hearing church bells pealing in Sunday morning

Plus more

(I'm still investigating, I'll keep you posted)

What do you love? Can you make a list of small things that bring a smile to your face? Maybe it's listening to your favourite album, or watching the sunset over the rooftops, or selecting the perfect croissant from your local bakery each morning... Get creative, put on your Sherlock cap and get thinking.

We should all investigate what our personal preferences are so that we can recognize and embrace moments of happiness that our unique to us.

Now... take another deep breath. And try to find one thing to do today that will fill you with child-like joy.

Bon courage!