Wow! Tulips... Deadlines... Boing!

Absences make the heart grow fonder, at least so I hope. I've had a super busy offline month, winging across the world from Bologna to London, London to Amsterdam, and then all the way back to Cape Town. Some of it was work related, but a lot of it was play, and I enjoyed every minute.

The best part of the trip was an afternoon in the Keukenhof Garden in the Netherlands.  The tulips and other bulbs were in full glory, and the garden was a riot of fragrance and colour. It was so inspiring, and I hope I can infuse some of that wild colour into my illustrations.

We also spent a few days in Bruges, which was the most beautiful town I've ever seen. Seriously.

My travels have been a month of "wow." Wow sights punctuated by


deadlines. Nothing like taking too much on your plate at one time! You know that line from White Christmas? When Bing Crosby is asked by Danny Kaye “What’s Wow?” And Bing Crosby says, "Right between “Ouch” and “Boing-g.”

That’s about how I’m feeling right now.

Hopefully I'll soon be able to share some of the Wow (or is it Boing-g?) illustrations I've completed. Stay tuned!

And... In Bruges....