Mark Rutherford's Amazing Photography

My husband and I decided that our sabbatical in Cape Town would be a time to let our creative minds wander. We both needed a break from our carefully planned and maintained London routines. Sometimes change (of pace, of location) can be exactly what the creative spirit needs.

I've spent the time working on finishing projects (hopefully I can share some of them soon), and thinking about new possibilities.

And Mark Rutherford, my lovely husband, has transformed himself from an computer-geek-banker into a computer-geek-photographer. He's always carried a camera around, and seems to see the world through a lens. When there is no camera available he often laments, "Oh! That would have been a perfect shot!"

I'm so proud to be able to share his new website with the world. The amazing picture of Canary Wharf above comes from his home page. I think it is my favourite image right now. Check it out on Pinterest and repin if you like it too!

We had an intimate launch party last night at Wakame (just the two of us), and toasted the new site with a sundown gin and tonic.

Check it out at:

I hope you find it inspiring!