Strawberry moon


Another full moon; another epic storm. This can’t be a coincidence can it? I resolved to paint all the full moons of 2018 and so far we’ve had snow storms, dust storms, rain storms… almost without fail. 

Last night rain lashed the window panes and blew in sheets across the road. Wind twisted the tree-tops. Thunder clapped above our roof, and it was so resonant that the house shook. It was a classic prairie thunder storm, and I’m so glad I got to experience one on this trip home. —

Worm moon snow storm


I’ve been trying to document all the full moons of 2018. Last night’s “worm moon” was hidden behind a thick blanket of storm clouds, which were illuminated by the glowing city below, and the ghost of the moon behind them.Snow swirled on gusts of Siberian wind. 

This blizzard reminded me of the March blizzards we had when I was growing up in Canada; just when you thought spring was around the corner a storm would whirl through from the Rockies, dumping drifts of snow on the thawing ground. 

So, this is my home. Kingston Upon Thames. In March. We live across the street from an old WWII gun tower. 

Hopefully spring will come soon and the cherry trees will bloom, and the 150 bulbs in my garden will emerge from the frozen soil, painting the world with bright colours.