Summer memories


Hello Friends!

I hope you’ve had a lovely summer. We have been lying on the grass in our garden, staring at the clouds, and watching the sun circle around the sky. Of course, that’s not ALL we’ve done this summer, but a good portion of our time has been spent relaxing amongst the rose and lavender beds, trying to find respite from the heat.

Now we’re slowly returning to routines. Mary switches from little-kiddies nursery to “big school” nursery, which is the year before Reception (Kindergarten). She is very excited about her uniform, and is waiting with anticipation and trepidation for the first day.

I’m easing back into my studio routines, and giving myself lots of margin to let my mind wander creatively. This is something I’ve missed a lot during the rush of deadlines earlier in the year. It is such a luxury to savour the solitude and quiet.

How was your summer? Let me know, I’d love to hear!