Chronos and kairos


My desk is a whirlwind of paper, pens, brushes and paint. One book is almost finished, with a little luck and prayer I’ll send it off by the end of the week, and then I can focus on two other book projects that need to be completed “emergently” (my daughter’s new word for urgently and emergency)

My other little whirlwind is napping, and then we’re going to bake banana muffins for our playgroup tomorrow morning. And maybe spend some time smelling the cherry blossoms down the road, and chasing the petals as they float to the ground.

There are perks to working from home: being able to set my own hours, spending lots of time with my daughter, and making coffee and stepping out into my garden whenever I want. But it’s not always glamorous. Being able to set my own hours sometimes means I work too much. When work is at home, how does one set boundaries?

These are things I contemplate as I rush towards illustration deadlines, and also try to slow down time with my daughter. It’s the endless push and pull of chronos and kairos: time that is fast, and time that is slow.

How are you starting your week today?