The magic spell


Watching my daughter grow up is like watching the progress of a magic spell. From one day to the next there is a new light behind her eyes, a new imaginative idea, and a deeper comprehension of the world around her. 

Her favourite thing to do right now is put on a lace and chiffon dress-up dress and dance around the room to the tinny twinkling of her plastic music player. She transforms from a leggy three-year old girl into a Renaissance Italian princess, bedecked in brocade, lace and silk. Her tiny leather ballet shoes peek out from the bottom of the dress. She takes deep, swaying steps, then rises on tip-toes and holds the long layers of her chiffon skirt delicately between her fingers. Then she turns slowly and does her “balancés” to the other side. 

When did she grow up? How did she know how to carry her head and her shoulders like a princess, as if she were born to it? 

And, what will she be tomorrow? Where will this magic spell take us?