Start today


Happy New Year Friends! This is the season of new beginnings. I’m sure you, like me, are making lists of goals and habits that you want to incorporate into your life in 2018. Perhaps they’re big changes, or perhaps they’re small tweaks to things that are already mostly working. I, too, have those dreams. But, as I was getting ready this morning I realized that we can start afresh every day, whether or not it’s New Years day. Every new day is the start of another 365 day sequence. Every day gives us the opportunity to make new decisions and slough off old habits that no longer serve us. Thus, I have resolved to start (again) every day. It takes the pressure off and helps me feel so much more relaxed.And also, perfection and excellence aren’t synonymous.Something can be imperfect and also excellent. So, while I’m striving towards things that overwhelm me, I’m not going to worry about a perfect outcome. What are your 2018 resolutions? I’m excited to share this new year with you, as we go on our creative journeys together.