A birthday self-portrait

Instead of sharing my daily drawings (of which there were few) this week. I thought I'd share my annual birthday self portrait.

Several years ago I started a tradition of drawing a self portrait on or around my birthday. It was inspired by Rembrandt, who painted many expressive and honest self-portraits throughout his life-time.  The self portraits track his emotional, physical and creative maturation.

I'm not Rembrandt, and I don't paint in oils; even so, each year I'm challenging myself to draw or paint something to represent the moment, the week, the day, that I grew one year older.

This year's drawing is very small, just a simple pencil sketch in my tiny moleskine sketchbook.  Did I catch my likeness? To be honest, I think the sketch was perfect about 3 minutes before I put my pencil down. I added a few too many strokes, and lost some of the intensity.  However, I think it perfectly captures my current mood of introspection.

Today isn't my birthday.  However, on the day, I spent a lot of time reflecting on what has happened in the past year and what I hope will come to fruition in the next year.

Do you have any birthday traditions?

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