Life in a London Flat #1

Now that we've moved back to London, we're trying to make our flat feel like


. This city can sometimes be big, busy and overwhelming (and so, so inspiring at the same time), so our home needs to be serene, quiet and cozy.  It has two bedrooms, one bathroom the size of a mouse's waistcoat pocket, and a kitchen/living area that feels pretty spacious because it's open plan.  

I had thought of titling this post "Life in a


London flat," but as far as flats go, there are plenty that are smaller than ours.  Even so, sometimes our little home can feel quite small, indeed. 

For me, this flat has to be home, office, and studio, all rolled into one.  So, I thought I'd start a serialized guide on how to make all this work in a small space (in a big city) and stay sane...

Here it goes.... Survival tip #1: 

Paint everything white. 

This might sound sterile, or boring, but believe me, it makes the world of difference.  When we first moved in, the flat was a rainbow of colours; the hall was Van Gogh yellow (including the ceiling); the main bedroom was dusty lilac; the living area was ultramarine blue. Coming home felt like entering a kaleidoscope. 

London is colourful enough as it is. The last thing anyone wants is to return home after a busy day and be bombarded with even more sensory overload.  And besides, there's nothing like white walls to make a space feel big, light and calm.  Which is


what one needs during the long, dreary London winters.  

What do you think?  Would you paint a small space in bright colours, or stick with whites and neutrals?

{Cozy cushions to curl up with after a long day}