One Picture, Three Stories

{Skidding on Laurie Lake Manitoba}

Story #1:

 My grandpa spent the winter of 1942/43 working as a Conscientious Objector. As he was a Mennonite Pacifist, it was against his convictions to become a soldier during WWII.  Instead, he aided the war effort by cutting lumber at a camp on

Laurie Lake

in Northern Manitoba. He was an avid photographer, and all the pictures documenting his time at the camp were carefully pasted into an old photo album.  The young men must have had a lot of fun, as many of the photos are of the games and pranks they played.

Story #2:

Ever since I was a young girl, this picture has been an inspiration to me.  I want to live my life like that young man hanging on the back of the tractor.

I want to hitch myself to the world and let the forward momentum sweep me off my feet.  

Story #3:

My Grandpa died last week. I will miss him dearly. He was a quiet man; always the one observing; the one behind the camera. Did he know that when he took this picture 70 years ago that it would inspire his granddaughter?  

I've often thought that there are many layers of meaning to the photographs we take.  There are so many stories woven into each moment.

How many stories can you tell with just one photograph? 

Do you want to join in on your blog? Choose one of your pictures and tell a few of the stories that surround it.

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{Scene of the lake from a treetop: which means Grandpa must have climbed a very high tree!}