Christmas: it's time to hold on tight

It is almost the bleak midwinter.  The frosty wind is whispering at my window. Snow has been falling all day; snow on snow. Soft flakes flutter down like confetti thrown from heaven.   

It is the darkest time of year, and yet we celebrate light. 

We light candles; we dispel the darkness. 

Each day we move from darkness to light.  We sleep; we wake. The sun rises and sets.  We have good days and bad, and through it all, we lean on the support and love of our family and friends.  

No matter how many gifts I have to wrap, or how far I've travelled, I'm going to make sure I hold on to those I love. I'm going to give them big hugs; I will tell them how much I love and appreciate them; I'll share happiness, laughter, and joy.  

Before you click away... close your eyes, place your hands softly in your lap, take a deep, nourishing breath and then let out a gentle sigh. Let the love of those around you be a brilliant light piercing the darkness.