I Hear Adventure Calling

What I'm Currently Up To...

Reading //

This summer has been all about sitting with a book in the shade (or inside when it's too hot). It doesn't really matter what I'm reading, as long at it's absorbing and relaxing.  

Working on //

Well now, that would be telling!  I have two very big secrets in the works, one which I might be able to share in a few months and one that will only come to fruition early next year. Hopefully I'll be allowed to share some sneak peaks from my sketchbook along the way. 

Eating //

Fresh corn on the cob; apples; blueberry crumble; home-made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (the soft gooey kind you just can't get on any other continent... )

Thinking About //

All I really want to do is sit back and watch the sun embroider shadows on the leaves in the garden.  I don't really want to work, or write, or even talk. Sometimes silence is enough. 

But, I have loads of illustration work to do, and the longer I leave it, the more overwhelmed I feel.  I'm going to give myself today to sit and let the breeze play on my skin, and tomorrow I'll sharpen my pencils and tackle the ever-growing list. 

Grateful for //

Time with my mom. Wild prairie thunderstorms. Hot days. Good books. Skype calls with old friends and new babies. 

Anticipating //

Two weeks of travel.  Two long-haul flights.  One 7 hour time change. Exchanging one home for another.  I will be so sad to leave my mom, but so happy to see my husband again. No matter where I am in the world, I miss someone.   

Excited About //

My prints were featured in South Africa's Sunday Times!  The journalist called them "enchanting." I'm beyond touched and excited.