Wow! We're already half-way there!



 Can you believe it?  We're already half-way through 2013!

I could use all those clichés like, "my how time has flown," or, "where did all those weeks go?"

But that doesn't really express the energetic mood of this year. Rather, I'll share my favourite quite from the movie White Christmas:

How much is wow? 

It's right between, uh, between "ouch" and "boing."


Now, I'm not complaining about the ouch and  boing, they've been pretty fun roller coasters to ride. But it's been hectic all the same! I'm feeling breathless just thinking about it. 

I thought I'd share a few things I've accomplished in this dizzying dash of a half year... 

1.  I resolved to blog every Wednesday come hell or high water.  Some weeks it's been difficult, but I've managed so far.  Now that I've re-engaged with the blogging community I'm making such amazing friends. I know there are a lot of new readers I haven't met before, so welcome !  

Please say hello in the comments and leave a link to your blog, I'd like to follow you too.   

2. I've read over half of my quota of books for my reading challenge this year, which means I'm on track to accomplish my goal.  

If any of you have a favourite book to recommend, please share it in the comments. 

3. After years of portfolio reviews, submissions, and tirelessly trying to improve my craft, I signed with an illustration agent!

4. I barely show photos of myself on this blog, but my face is in print in Get It magazine!  See below to get a glimpse into what inspires me... I think if you click on it you should be able to stick your nose in to read it.

5. And, as usual, I've spent my time bouncing between hemispheres and seasons.  London to Cape Town and back. From summer to winter, spring to autumn. Sometimes time feels very nonlinear and disorienting, but it makes life into an adventure.


How has your year been so far?