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Here are a few things I'm loving this week...


Waking up to fresh sunshine after a few days of rain.

 Our living room is dancing with rainbows from the prisms that hang in the window. 


Long skype conversations with my Mom.

 Isn't it amazing that we can be half the world apart, but still share a cup of coffee and open our hearts?  


My Japanese pen nibs.

 Drawing the old fashioned way, with an ink pot and nib pens isn't easy, but these nibs make it such a joy. They never scratch or catch, or leave puddles, and I get the most beautifully fluid, undulating lines.  No wonder the Japanese have such amazing ink drawings, when they have such amazing supplies to work with!  (The brand is Deleter, which is


a funny name for a pen, don't you think?)


Decaf Cappuccinos.

  I never drink caffeine as it gives me serious migraines, but I love a decaf cappuccino. The deep warm flavour of the coffee, the creamy sweetness of the milk, the foam.  Bliss!


Alphabetizing stuff.

  Yes, I'm an incurable nerd.  Last week I felt the need for orderliness, so I arranged my bookshelf in alphabetical order and then by genre (fiction, poetry/drama, memoir, nonfiction, business).  But, I didn't stop there!  Emboldened by the experience, I went to to alphabetize our spice cupboard, from A to V! (allspice to vanilla...) Is there a spice that starts with Y or Z, or Q? These are the things I think about on a daily basis.  


And Oh! my heart!  

Don't you just love these photos by Alissa Circle from 

Rags to Stitches

of her children, Katelyn and Brayden, with my prints?  You can find the post


 with lots more photos and a heartfelt description of her hopes and dreams for the summer holidays. Make sure you pop over and say hi. 

{Images © Alissa Circle}

{Images © Alissa Circle}



this interview

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What are you loving this week?