C'mon in! Let's have some tea.

Hello my friends!

Please come in!  

If you were joining me for tea (or perhaps you'd prefer coffee?) this is what I'd tell you...

Sometimes I wonder about all of you out there, reading these blog posts or following along on Facebook or Twitter.  I really wish I knew you all better.  You can read what I say, and understand an aspect of my life, but aside from the comments you leave, I don't know very much about you at all.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could all come 'round for tea, and we could chat in person about art and life and everything in between?  

Well, since I couldn't invite y'all down for a big blog tea party. I decided to invite a couple of my favourite characters instead.  Meet Anne (see above).  She loves nothing more than a great big party, and lots of drawing. So that's what we did!  (You can find her adventures in my book Magic at the Museum)

She likes hot chocolate with extra milk.  I like rooibos tea, brewed weakly with lots of honey.  Her favourite pencil crayon colour is Copenhagen Blue; mine is Process Red.  

And then after our wild rumpus with colour and paper, we both lay down for afternoon naps.  Yes, sometimes naps are the best. things. ever. 

So, won't you join us for this magical tea party?

In the comments below, tell me how you like your tea or coffee, and leave a link to your blog/facebook/twitter so I can come by and say hello.  (Or, if you're following via email, you can mail your comment to jane@janeheinrichs.com)

I can't wait to hear from you!