Out with the old

Goodbye 2012, you were a good companion for 366 days. And welcome 2013!

This morning I pulled out my new day planner and flipped through the pages, wondering what might fill them.  Switching to a new notebook is difficult, I become good friends with my day planners.  They're never far from reach, and I often use them almost like a journal, not only recording my appointments and lists, but also recording how I feel about life, and what my goals are each week.

This new notebook has no dog-eared corners, no scribbled-out appointments, no to-do lists or hastily scrawled reminders.  It's fresh and clean, like newly ironed linen. It will take a while to feel completely at home within its pages.

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, except maybe for the constant resolve to keep pursuing my dreams without losing courage. (and we all know how difficult that can be on a daily basis).

Having said that, one small resolution is to be more active on my blog.

I've let the blog lie dormant for the past year, which was completely necessary.  I needed quiet time (read: offline time) to gather my thoughts about who I was creatively.  I felt quite vulnerable, and giving too many glimpses into my studio felt too exposed.  This time apart has been invaluable, and I feel like I've reached a kind of creative epiphany in the past few months.

But now I'm ready to share more of what I'm doing and my creative process.  I've missed all you readers and bloggers!  And thank you for all your lovely comments, it means a lot that you take the time to leave messages, and they always help to inspire me.

And, to start the year off right, here is a little peak at what's on my studio table at the moment.  It makes me think of London, and cosy cups of tea while watching the rain lash against the windowpanes.