Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Frohe Weihnachten! 

I'm so excited about this Christmas: more than usually excited, in fact.  It will be my first Christmas in Africa with my husband's family... and my Mom.  We're all gathering together in Cape Town, and then travelling to Swakopmund in Namibia to celebrate in the desert by the sea where the dunes fall directly into the Atlantic Ocean. 

How does one celebrate Christmas in a desert?

 I'm used to Canadian/British cold weather: snow, rain, coniferous Christmas trees, twinkle lights and lots of blankets and hot chocolate.  Instead, we'll have sun, wind, heat and a thorn tree for a Christmas tree.  I can't wait to experience all these new things.

So, while things go silent all 'round the internet, and we celebrate with our families and friends, I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a happy and healthy New Year.  Thanks for reading my blog; you make every day brighter.  And... I can't wait to catch up with all of you in January!