Adventures in... Cape Town

Since I'm discovering a whole new city, and a whole new way of life, I thought I'd share some of the adventure with you. I'm going to post photos regularly of interesting or wacky things I see whilst out and about in Cape Town.

I took this photo on the veranda of the Iziko Michaelis Collection on Greenmarket Square. I walked out into the sunshine and a flight of pigeons took to the air. Trafalgar Square has nothing on .

Greenmarket Square is in the centre of Cape Town, and is surrounded by amazing 18th century and art deco buildings. It used to be a vegetable market (hence the name green), but now it's filled with stalls featuring the arts and crafts of local creators. If you want a wooden sculpture or batik print, this is the place to go.

Or, you could go and 'feed the birds' on the steps of the Michaelis Collection.