Adventures in... Cape Town #2

...the adventure continues. It's been rainy and foggy for the past week, and I've used that as a good excuse to hunker down in my studio to get work done for upcoming illustration deadlines.

However, yesterday turned into a peachy warm winter day, and we went for a walk in Bantry Bay. This peaceful enclave sits on the leeward side of the Lion's Head, and it is said to the be the least windy place in Cape Town. And... that's saying a lot, because Cape Town is perhaps the windiest place I've ever been (except maybe Wyoming). Bantry Bay used to be called Botany Bay, and Charles Darwin did some studies there on his trip around the world.

One of my favourite coffee shops is Haas in the Bo-kaap neighbourhood nestled on the other side of the Lion's Head. They roast their own coffee in house, and the waiters wear jaunty top-hats and wide smiles. I'm not sure what's best, the taste of the excellent coffee, or the smell of it roasting!