The Moment of Privacy has Passed

The night of December 10th was the opening for The Moment of Privacy has Passed at the Usher Gallery in Lincoln. It was a star studded affair; the exhibitors included Grayson Perry, Tom Gauld, Nicola Streeten, Sarah Lightman, Daniel Berry, and of course.... yours truly.
I was delighted to find that my sketchbook was scattered directly underneath Tom Gauld's inimitable sketchbooks. What glorious company I'm keeping in Lincoln! He draws weekly cartoons for the Guardian newspaper, and is a hero of mine. You can see one of his sketchbooks HERE.

My sketchbook contained research drawings for Magic at the Museum. The page the curator John Plowman chose to display was my architectural measurements for the interior of Somerset House. The funny thing is that the page relates to a spread in the book that never got published. Below you see the sketchbooks, and the page from the book.

Here you see someone looking at my sketchbook... or Tom Gauld's sketchbook...?

The opening was packed

Déjà Vu:

The funny thing about being included in this exhibition in Lincoln was that I've been in before Lincoln as a little girl, and never expected to return. At least not as an artist exhibited in their major museum. Here is a picture of me riding on my Dad's shoulders by the castle. I was almost 4, and very camera shy (hence the head turned away from the photographer).
Somehow, the fact that life has come full circle and I'm back in Lincoln doing what I love means a lot to me. It seems to signify that I'm on the right track. Hopefully more synchronicity will occur in the next few months as we prepare for big developments.