My alternate CV: reinventing the resume

Above is another painting from my archives. Several years ago I flew to Victoria BC to visit my friend who was working as a nanny (for twins). I had a great time discovering our western-most provincial capital with her. And, to commemorate the lovely holiday I gave her a small watercolour of one of the famous BC totem poles.

I spent much of yesterday afternoon with this same friend and we decided that we needed to write alternate CVs. She is an aspiring opera/oratorio singer and I am an aspiring illustrator/ writer. When we write a serious CV, we list all the experiences, skills and accomplishments we feel will benefit our future employers. But what about all those random skills we have acquired over the years that get overlooked? Shouldn't we be proud of them, too?

Here is a random selection of some of my "not-so-useful-in-the-real-world" accomplishments:

1. Took Babysitting course when 13, did very little babysitting thereafter

2. Welding

3. Drive bobcat

4. Drive fork-lift

5. Can read Latin

6. High School Physics, Chemistry, and Math tutor

7. Photocopying

8. Can clean large farm vehicles with a pressure washer

9. Canoeing - especially steering and the J-stroke

10. Can squaredance

11. Mending clothes

12. Orienteering (with compass, or without, can usually tell North by reading the environment)

13. Bake a cake on a coleman camping stove

14. Origami

15. Fastest library book shelver in the Steinbach library

What are your 'not-so-useful-in-the-real-world' accomplishments?