Magic at the Museum book launch at McNally Robinson Booksellers

Six years ago I attended the launch of "I gave my Mom a castle", written by Jean Little and illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton. I sat in the Prairie Ink restaurant at the McNally Robinson Grant Park and resolved that I would some day do the very same thing: host a book launch at my favourite bookstore in the world.

Six years of hard work, inspiration, desperation and tears resulted in fulfilling my dream.

Last night I hosted a magical book launch for "Magic at the Museum" at McNally Robinson. It was very well attended (better than I expected) and everyone was delightfully enthusiastic and encouraging. I read from my book, and then displayed a few original sketches and illustrated spreads from the book.

The reception I received confirmed for me that I am definitely following the right path. The path to publishing success can be fraught with difficulty, disappointment, and despair. Sometimes a light shines through the clouds and it's in those moments you know that it's worth all the stress and hard work