Drawing like Picasso

On Friday I went to the Picasso exhibition at the National Gallery in London. The premise of the exhibition was looking at how Picasso used his knowledge of art history and old master paintings as subject matter for his cubist style. Being an art historian myself, I enjoyed following the clues and finding stylistic and thematic links between the Picassos and the 'old masters.'

And, being an art student, I also enjoyed standing around in the crowds of people admiring the paintings (making a nuisance of myself, I'm sure) in the vain attempt to understand cubist style. I can see the logic behind Picasso's finished drawings, but it entirely escapes me how he arrived at that point. What is the internal logic of cubist drawing? It must be: draw every angle and every plane of the object at once, as if they were all facing forwards.

The top two sketches are from Picasso paintings. Then, I became emboldened, and I tried to sketch a woman in the gallery in Picasso style. I'm not sure I succeeded. I think she still looks too 'normal'.

What do you think? Do you have any tricks to draw "cubically"?