A morning in House Cafe

This morning I travelled to Camberwell College earlier than usual with the intention of spending some time in the library before our lecture. As Murphy's Law would dictate, the library was closed for the morning, so I spent my time in House Cafe doodling and chatting with my classmates.

In the cafe, we students brewed over our recent mid-year evaluations. Most of us were highly confused, both by the feedback we received and the form on which it was written. What did all those ticky-boxes mean? Why did the grades indicated in aforementioned ticky-boxes not correspond to the final percentage received?

After much thought and conversation, we decided that we had to make artwork that pleased us personally. I have received such conflicting advice about my artistic style, my painting, my use of colours (etc) from the various tutors that my head is starting to spin.

The most important thing is to produce artwork that fills your heart with joy: something you are really proud of. If you think it has value, then other people will naturally value it because you have distilled a portion of your spirit.

Incidentally, most of us spend as much time drawing in House as talking.