Archaeology in Tunisia

The Dig In Leptiminus: Lamta

The museum in Lamta, where I did my work

The view from my desk

My Desk: Drawing pottery reconstructions

Back at the dig  house, photographing pottery

Fishermen on the Med

The view from the dig house

Drying our laundry in the Mediterranean breeze

Staying cool in the shade of the dig house

Ribat: Lamta

Monastir and Sfax, El Jem and Surrounds

The amphitheatre in El Jem is larger and better preserved 

than the coliseum in Rome

City walls of Sfax

Ribat in Monastir

Swimming in the Mediterranean

Tunis and Sidi Bou Said

Tunis Mosque

Tunis: the arch connecting the old city (Medina) with the new

Tunis: in the Medina 

Markets in Tunis

Tunis looks like an African version of Paris

The blue doors in Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said tumbles into the sea

Tunisia is one of my favourite countries in the world